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A website on the first page of the search engines means more visitors, more leads, and more business. Our cost-effective SEO packages achieve just that. Includes initial marketing consultation, and regular SEO work to keep the leads flowing in

Having multiple web pages on the first page of Google (or other search engine) is one of the most productive and cost-effective ways to generate qualified leads.

A company with page one positions for all its various products and services will have a huge advantage over the competition and take the lion's share of business.

However, to achieve this requires a specialist approach. And this is exactly what our SEO services provide for firms in Hertfordshire and north London.

Specialist Approach

Firstly, we create dedicated pages on your website for each of your products and services.

Each page uses professionally written marketing text, which achieves two things

  • It persuades prospects to visit the website when they see the pages in the search results
  • It gives the best chance of persuading people to get in touch with you once they visit the page

If you already have a web designer, we will work with them to create the pages in the correct format.

If you don't have a web designer, we can modify your existing site or build a site from scratch as part of a package.

Secondly, we use our skill to guarantee these dedicated pages appear high in the results on search engines such as Google.

Using cutting-edge strategies, we can ensure your web pages appear for scores or even hundreds of terms that your prospects are using to find your products and services.

We control all elements of the lead-generation pages, and make changes as needed to ensure the pages stay high in the search engines and keep on bringing in leads for your business.

Under Control

Even better, you pay only a monthly fee for as long as you wish to keep using the SEO strategy to bring in leads.

To discover more about our SEO services and apply for an evaluation of your digital marketing, complete the form below.

Please note that this service is mainly suitable for businesses which deal with high-value clients or which sell premium goods and services.

Good examples of businesses which can benefit from this service include lawyers and solicitors, accountants, insurance brokers, financial planners, cosmetic dentists and so on.

We’ll get back to you (usually within 48 hours) and let you know whether this type of service is suitable for your business.

If I think your business is one that could benefit from this level of marketing expertise, I’ll get in touch to arrange a quick phone consultation to determine whether it’s worth taking things further.

If we do, the first step will be to have a marketing consultation. There is a fee for this (see the Consultancy page for details) , but the fee is refundable against any SEO project undertaken.

Just one more thing.

Once you have filled in the enquiry form, please make sure you subscribe to my free email course '47 Tips to Boost Your Business Fast'. Please use the same email you use in the enquiry form so that I can identify you as the subscriber.

The reason it's important for you to subscribe to the email course is that the course will give you a full idea of the type of marketing we do. Many of ideas will form the basis of the initial consultation if I find we can work together.

Steve Prescott
Digital Floodlight

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