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About Digital Floodlight

A marketing agency dedicated to increasing leads, driving revenue and adding profits to the bottom line by making the most of digital technology and traditional marketing approaches

If you’ve come to this site looking for an agency which will take the usual approach to marketing your business, the chances are you’re going to be disappointed.

You won’t find anything here about the need for wonderful logos, branding, and websites packed with stunning graphics and animation. And for a simple reason.

Making sure your business puts a consistent face to the world is certainly a worthwhile endeavour. There’s no doubt there’s a place for branding and nice logos.

But as a business owner, it’s not the first thing you should concern yourself with.

Sales leads and profits

The most important thing is that your business is making money, because without money, worrying about your brand and your logo is pointless.

And the first step to making money is to make sure you generate sales leads, with the second step being that you convert as many as possible of those leads to paying customers.

This is why I founded Digital Floodlight.

Digital Floodlight is an agency which concentrates on one thing only — making your business a success.

Lead-generation systems

In short, we build websites and lead-generation systems that bring in leads and have the best chance of increasing your client base — and adding profits to the bottom line.

We do this by merging the best marketing ideas with tested web design, advertising copywriting, online lead-generation systems, and traditional marketing techniques such as direct mail.

How much we do depends on the level of service you require.

Our most basic service is the creation of a full website with all the elements needed to sell your products and services.

At the other end, our highest-level offering is a full website build with regular lead-generation using Google Adwords, Facebook and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This can also include regular consultancy on how to grow the business, how to structure it for maximum effect, and how to get the most from your business assets.

It can also include managing marketing campaigns involving third-party agencies, such as telesales companies.

Double revenue

It isn’t uncommon to see revenue double within a year to 18 months of putting one of our digital marketing systems in place for a business.

To decide which level of service is right for your business, visit the home page and see the various services we offer.

Then get in touch by completing an enquiry form. I’ll get back to you, usually within 48 hours, with an answer as to whether I think we can work together and take your business to the next level.

Steve Prescott
Digital Floodlight

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